My First Heart attack

We all love to remember the “Firsts” in our life.The first day in school,the first cycle,the first bike,the first date,the first kiss and the list goes on……….U also hate to remember some of the others.Here is the ordeal of my first pseudo heart attack,which i hate to remember.

I woke up thursday morning with a mild hangover.Thanks to the half bottle of wine named fat bastard,i had the previous night.Over the past few months  i was experimenting with  wines,having bored with the usual whiskies and brandies.I was trying to mature myself as a drunkard.Isn’t the name of the wine funny???Most of the fine wines have crazy names.Thats the learning i have had from this excersise.A gloomy and cloudy day was ready to welcome me.I went off to office after a quick shower.

Nothing exciting happened in the office that day.I had mexican food for my lunch,which made me sleepy.I came back home and after having a refreshing cup of tea from my wife i went off to library with her.I took a couple of movies to watch over the week.While i was there i was feeling tired and giddy.I ignored it and i left the library immediately.

After reaching home the gidiness aggravated.I was not able to concentrate on anything,inspite of my wife talking to me like a non stop RJ,about a friend of hers who got divorced..I felt i had lost my senses.I found it difficult to breath.panic struck me..

I felt pressure at the centre of my chest.I thought i was having a heart attack.Without telling my wife i casually took my laptop and googled on “symtoms of heart attack”.The first symptom was Pain at the center of chest.the second one was breathlessness.I did not have to look at the other 2 symptoms.My mind  was already preoccupied with the fact that i was getting a heart attack.

I told my wife that i was not feeling well and i had to rush to the hospital.She became hysteric as expected.I called my friend and explained him the situation.The pressure started increasing.May be i was feeling so,because the brain wanted to reiterate the fact that it was a heart attack..I was loosing..

The American Health care system is so complicated that in situations like this the patient doesn’t know what to do.Weather to go to emergency and get a fat bill or fix an appointment with a doctor when ever he is free and let the insurance cover that.I said to myself “Damn the bill”.I went to the 24 hr treatment center with my family and friend.They took my ecg,gave me 5 aspirins and said that i need to go to a bigger hospital in an AMBULANCE.I normally would have fainted hearing that,but the aspirin had numbed my senses.I said casually..”Can you arrange for an ambulance”,I was acting wierd,trying to show that these kind of situations was very common in my daily life..

The ambulance arrived in 10 minutes.While i was waiting for the ambulance,my daughter was trying to play with me.Suddenly a shiver went down my spine,when i thought what if this pain was real?,and i had to part with my family..i felt dead cold and had turned pale.The machine wired to me showed my BP at 150,quite high..I dint want to die so early,i i said to myself.

I was taken inside the ambulance by the staff.The ambulance was well equipped though i did not see another one to benchmark.The staff switched on the glowing light and the vehicle cruised through the traffic with the siren on.My BP shoot up..The atmosphere was making me weak.I felt i was collapsing.I was thinking about my daughter,who hadn’t even turned one and my wife..I was feeling terrible…i gathered courage and said to myself iam not going to die..These dialogues  would have easily become part of some melodrama.

I reached the emergency section of the hospital and i was immediately wired to a whole lot of sophisticated instruments.Every thing right from my head to toe was being monitored.The head nurse came and asked me to rate the pressure on my chest from 1 to 10.She said ” One being the lowest and 10 as if an elephant is sitting on ur chest”.I felt like telling her “Mam an elephant has never sat on my chest for me to experience the pain”.

While i was in the section a couple of students came and tried drawing blood.They tried three times and left telling me they dint get my vein.Another nurse came there and told me that the blood work was being done to ascertain that it was not a heart attack.That was news to me.The blood releases some enzymes of it was a heart attack.I prayed for the tests to turn negative.While i was trying to gather some sleep,i thought of all those years when i had abused my body with alcohol and cigarates,which brought me to this damn hospital.I wished god had given me an undo button.

At around three in the morning,i was transfered to a room.My family and friends had left.I was alone.I had to share the room with an american,who had an open heart surgery the previos day.He was crying in pain while i entered the room.I did not feel like greeting him then.I quietely went and laid on the bed.The nurse came around 4AM.Gigi Thomas.No prizes for guessing her nationality and state..


She spoke with a strong mallu accent.I knew that she was either from kottayam or thiruvalla.I did not bother to reveal my details.She left giving me a few pills for headache.I  slept for around three hours.The doctor came around 8 in the morning.Dr.Binu Omman,another mallu.Mallus have become such an integral part of the health care system here.We all are paying indirectly for the big mansions they built in kottayam and thiruvalla!!!

I finished my stress tests and echo by 12 and the doctor said everything was fine.Except for the cholostrol,which was high.He said i need to have an appintment with him the next day.I left the hospital relieved at around three to meet my family.I felt i had got a second life.

The next day i went to the doctor.He said my bad cholostrol was hereditary and was inherited from my parents and grandparents.I was wondering why they had passed on the tryglycerides long with the paddy fields and coconut farms.The doctor was trying to market himself.After every sentence of his he said “I give less medicines”.It sounded like a punch line to me.Doctor david norray-” The doc who gives less medicines” and then the jingle..He said so even  while he mercilessly  prescribed aspirin for lifetime to me.He said you take aspirin every day and then he said”I give less medicines”.I had to argue with him for this and in the end we settled for a mild dose of lovastatin everyday.

After that day..i decided on a few things.I have quit drinking and have decided to have a controled diet for the rest of my life.Iam still figuring out ways to workout.Suggestions are most welcome..

Life is too precious to be given away..Even a 90 year old man crying in pain relentlessly takes medicines hoping to live a day longer maybea few hours….


~ by mrkurup on October 19, 2009.

One Response to “My First Heart attack”

  1. Jerk..ur heading caption freaked the hell outo me…hving said so,this has been a hillarious read for me..esp the mallu nurse n d punchline wala doc

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