When the migrating birds become a Nuisance

Kozhikode landscape had changed drastically from the time i was there a couple of years back.  Tall buildings, well lit hoardings showcasing smart models endorsing international and local brands, plenty of eat outs, great malls and movie houses. I observed the same as i travelled across malabar till the tip of kerala.  I realised that the change was not just a structural change.In fact in one of the train journeys i noticed that 25% of the passengers were North indians, the new breed of daily wage workers in Kerala.  The so called “Bengalis”.  The friendly “annachis” we had from the neighbouring state of tamilnadu had ditched us over the last few years.  They are currently happy watching Suntv on their TV sets given to them by “Purachi Thalaivi” and finding a decent daily job in their very own place.This is not just in the cities. The Hotels in my very own town have only “Bengalis” in grocery store deciphering every item the customer tells in malayalam with utmost ease or juggling the “Porotta” for which we were so proud of,in a local thatukadda.  The bottom line is that the Malayalees are not available for daily wage jobs.

I just wanted to draw a parallel with a situation US had decades ago. US was in the same state when the neighbouring country of Mexico supplied labour for daily wages who literally run the economy in the US right now.  If it was not for the Mexicans there wouldn’t have been the Walmarts and the Tacobells and Chipotles which have become International brands. There is obviously a Flip side to this flow of Labour.  The Crime rate increased,Movement of drugs became easy and human trafficking was much easier. A country like US could control it with their efficient border security force and an effective immigration policy. Inspite of that there were loopholes in the system,which utimately led to the most debated immigration policy in Arizona.

What worries me is that in a state like Kerala,where our politcians are least interested in the welfare of our people i am sure this change in demographics is surely going to go unnoticed. I am sure there is no record of anyone who enters the state and finds an employment. When i say they are called “Bengalis”  dont expect them to be like the  Bongs we know. These are probably from Bangladesh who have come deep south to make a living and they have absoultely no societal commitment to lead a non-criminal life and our politicians can easily use them at their will against their opponents which could be the common man.

The french Govt had recently started expelling the “Roma’s” from france citing criminal reasons. This is not just in Kerala but  a global phenomenon and can never be stopped. I hope our authorities are vigilant enough to note this movement until its too late to be corrected.

They are not like calm seasonal birds,but they are here to stay and we might need to fight back.

This is just a point of view and i will never stop talking to the “bengali” chettan who makes puttu and kadala on pottamal road next time i meet him:)


~ by mrkurup on July 9, 2012.

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