A Wasted Opportunity

Its still not hit us hard and no one seems to be thinking of it..Perhaps its not talked about much in our society because of the taboo we associate with it.  I am talking about Waste management which is going to be the most sought after management subject in the coming decade. A billion dollar industry that will shape itself and expand aggressively going forward.

I first thought of this three years back,when after my sister in laws marriage,the organizers of the wedding stood perplexed, when they were asked how they will dispose the waste. In a small city like Kozhikode the families are totally dependent on Community based programs  like Kudumbasree to dispose of their day to day waste. I presume the situation is no way different when you move to larger cities . I have heard that in Trivandrum the Corporation fines people for disposing their wastes in open( Which should be the case ideally).  Recently KFC which had a Grand opening in Kozhikode was Blacklisted and moved out from business when they were caught disposing off their wastes in open.

Think of bigger cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Have  the authorities even thought about handling this as our population gets bigger and bigger.We wont be able to sustain this with our old school of thought of recruiting people from the lower strata of society and getting the job done.  This surely will and is in fact getting out of control with heaps of waste on busy roads and neighbourhood being a common sight and increased cases of recurring epidemics.

At a Global level i guess they have thought about it by Involving Private Participation and Investing in Technologies. Our population will touch 10 Billion by 2030. This means increased consumption resulting in increased waste. Asia will hold 2/3 of the World population 2030. For India with its high density ,this problem could be even worse, with the Waste composition changing with more electronic and non degradable substances increasing their share.


There is an Opportunity here for Sure. The opportunity of a new Industry ,generating new jobs,new technologies and a healthier planet for the next generation to Live. We need to act soon,at least India needs to act soon.







~ by mrkurup on November 13, 2012.

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