Where are the Crows??

I woke up today morning to a very rare and nostalgic sound. The caw of a crow. I thought the crows never existed in the US . I hadn’t seen crows in the midwest which was logical due to the extreme weather there. I was happy to see them when i moved to california. Having born and bought up in a coastal village in kerala, they very much made me feel at home along with the sardines and the mackerel, and the thousands of indians in the silicon valley. I then came to a conclusion that crows always lived close to the beaches..

I have great memories about this bird. As a child i always woke up hearing it caw,marking the start of the day. This bird did not have any mythological significance with no mention anywhere in any of the great epics. But i knew it was there for a purpose. Occasionally my grandmother used to curse them,when they stole a piece of sardine kept outside in a clay pot for cleaning. It was very much a part of the family earlier. It was always there in the backyard,trying to grab anything meant for it. In malabar we had a belief that if a crow cawed sitting on your house you would have guests for the day. As a child that was one more reason why i loved the bird because i loved guests coming home so that i could play more and i associated the caw to happiness and fun.

In hindu religion we believe in reincarnation. We believe that all our loved ones who have parted with us in this world are born again as crows. That is the reason why we offer the crows rice during an auspicious day in a year..

The ritual went like this. You wake up early in the  morning, take a shower and remain in your wet clothes,remember all your loved ones who are no longer there with you and offer a handful of cooked special rice and clap to let the crows know that they can come and have them. I was told that if my ancestors were happy with you the crows would come and have your offering. I always used to be tense about this and hoped that the crows would come and have them. They never let me down!! This was the spiritual association i had with the bird.

The last time i went to India, i did not find much of  them along with lot of other things.  They were no longer there in the backyards as we no longer cleaned sardines outside in clay pots. They no longer cawed,as we no longer wanted anyone to come home, they no longer came to have our offerings as we no longer remembered our loved ones. I felt they have extincted themselves having realized that the world no longer needs them. The world has changed a lot

Every soul in this world is there for a purpose. If the purpose doesnt exist the soul ceases.

Remembering the Crows i used to love


~ by mrkurup on September 7, 2013.

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