The Indian Lathi

I have always wondered why young indian men don’t opt to join the police force. While there has been conscious targeted campaigns from army to lure more men in to the armed forces, the state governments have always turned a blind eye towards the plight of the police forces. Perhaps it has to do with the budget allocation which could be more for army since it comes from the central budget unlike the latter which is state controlled.


Even the movies which portray police officers as the savior of the common man has failed to do the job. Be it the stout chulbul pandey with his aviator or the roaring singham flaunting his six pack, they have not been able to move the youth to make a career choice in police forces. The fact is that the moment they step out of the movie house they might run in to a real life cop harassing or even begging to a street hooker for his weekly commission ,for him to pay his daughters school fees.


The image of the indian police officer is not that of a smart and stout young man in a well ironed kaki uniform holding an AK-47, but it is that of a pot bellied,tired, sweating,frustrated middle aged man with a lathi who is on the street trying to make ends meet for his struggling family and who wears this look on his face of a  man lost between his moral obligations and the  hard reality.He knows that he can never change the system which is more corrupt than he though it was and to the common man on the ground he is the dartboard to vent all their frustration on the corrupt judicial and political system. No policeman is ever liked by a common man.


Why are they in this state?? The primary reason being the state governments have never looked at them as a strategic force to reckon  in maintaing internal stability and security. They have been historically used to suppress political hostility by the ruling government and have been mere pawns in the hands of the political class. The recent terrorist attacks in mumbai had exposed this sad state to the general public when the whole country saw the police constable trying to overpower a well armed terrorist using his lathi. We made a mockery of our police force in front of the whole world.

Its not enough to buy fleet of gypsies and toyotas for the higher ups to move around, we need to start the transformation right at the bottom. By bringing in more young people in to the system, giving them better pay and making the system more transparent and accountable. At the bare minimum equiping every constable well to handle crisis situations.


The Indian police force is only as relevant to the current society as the lathi is to the current weaponry.

Catch them young!!Lets have a better force tomorrow..








~ by mrkurup on September 27, 2013.

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