Its quite an interesting fact that every thing in this whole world is made up of the fundamental building block of the universe-the molecules. From cocaine to baby powder, ships to paper, brad pitt to myself. Isn’t that astonishing that if we start breaking down anything in this world, you will come down to see this wonderful matter.They combine together in so many different combinations to create such a variety around us. That brings us to the point that the rules of wear and tear applies equally to anything in this world. This is not a blog on atomic science. I wanted to share with you something that happened to me this morning.


I was driving shreya to school. It was unusually foggy today with almost zero visibility. My mind too was quite reflective of the external environment. Hazy thoughts made me a bit uncomfortable. A hundered threads were running through my mind during that half hour drive. I reached home and i had to check some transaction which happened in my Bank account, which i had opened a decade back. Through out this 10 years i had memorized the 10 digit numeric id and password. I never had to write it down anywhere. The moment the internet banking screen opened in front of me my fingers always magically moved over the keyboard and typed the user id and password. This was more of a subconscious reaction from me,something in my brain was triggering this as soon as my eyes noticed the internet banking screen.

Today for the first time in the last 10 years, i could not type my numeric user id. I was not able to remember it at all. I tried blinking my eyes repeatedly, shaking my head  violently as if this would magically erase the block which was not allowing me to access this 10 digit number in my brain cell.I felt as if there was a fog created inside my brain which was not allowing me to see this number,similar to what i experienced while i was driving. I started panicking after a couple of unsuccessful attempts of entering the user id. I knew i was failing to recollect. I thought what if  as i grow older i start forgetting my self, my loved ones ,my friends, the wonderful things i have done in my life. There are so many elders whom i know who are experiencing this, destined to live among their loved ones without knowing who they are. Like i said earlier human brain like any other substance in this universe is subjected to wear and tear. Its just like a memory chip which keeps eroding with time.

Reminded me of two great movies from padmarajan around this theme. “Innale” and “Thanmatra”. Report says that by 2030 there will be 66 million people suffering from alzheimers. Lets all pray that we don’t fall to this.  And for my user id i got it mailed to me by the prompt and friendly customer care.I have written it down in BOLD letters in my dairy.







~ by mrkurup on November 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Molecules”

  1. i too had a very similar experience saniyetta.. after i was back from maternity leave and joined the office, i went into the atm to take some money. when it asked to enter my pin number, i couldnt! it was a fancy number .. i knew the digits.. but forgot the combination.. i had just withdrawn money just a week before that day… and still i couldnt.. i started sweating in the AC closed room of atm.. i tried combinations twice.. i could hardly get it.. disappointed, frustrated and worried i came out of the AtM and made a ring to ettan at the verge of tears and shivering voice.. he asked me to relax, take 10 deep breath… go back and try.. i did exactly what he said,, still i couldnt remember.. i kept on thinking , tried all permutations and combinations.. No way!!! i had no clue what the pin was.. and without any other option, i changed my pin number.. a week later, while going to purchase groceries from “more”, went into the nearest ATM … and thinking about the items i need to buy, i started making the trasanction.. after entering the pin number, it beeped saying incorrect pin! i wondered, why.. started typing the same for the second time.. i abruptly stopped in between…. i was typing the pin that i had forgotten a week ago!
    and i realized it was my foggy mind that made me forget my pin number like yours, u might also find yourself automatically typing your old id and pwd without ur knowledge.. 🙂 maybe a week later ..

  2. Saniyetta.. It is an interesting read which everybody can relate to their daily experiences.

    First of all I dont think it has to do anything with ageing or brain deterioration. It is all due to stress life. I have heard learned people saying that the memories are wired connections in our brain. We know the route from office to home and back because that connection is already made in our brain… If we try to memorize something , that connection will be automatically established in our brain for future reference. We call it as memory. Looks like the stress in day to day life is disrupting those connections.

    Also we lacks the training to memorize. Compare current times with ten years before .. with out the aid of electronic media, we had to remember everything .. the landline numbers for example. That was actually an exercise for mind. Since there are electronic storage medium w miss those memory trainings.

    One remedy for this is memory exercises, which are very simple and effective.

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