Mumbai Masala!!!!!

Case 1:Maruthi Nagar in Bangalore used to be a haven for stray dogs with abundance of leftover food from the hotels in and around that area.The dogs were in groups,to be precise street wise.Dogs of third street were healthier than the ones on fifth street.I always used to notice that they had clear boundaries set.They could never cross over these territories.In fact the healthier ones never allowed the weaker ones to creep in,because then the food would have to be shared  and they would be in trouble.

Case 2:Australia and Canada were countries were any body with a flight ticket could go years ago.Gujjus and punjabis flew in thousands during this period and they settled there and made great establishments.This is largely because of their entrepreneural skills.Until recently australia was like the hot destination for any student who could show a few lakhs in his bank.Then reality struck the aussies when they found that it was hard to find things for them as there were more people than before fighting for the same.They started retaliating..

Case 3:Obama passes a bill in the congress which makes it tough for companies to outsource jobs or Hire H1B.The reason,the great american economy is in doldrums,unemployment is at his highest and the financial system has collapsed.With the corporates shedding excess capacities and becoming operationally efficient they turned to cheaper locations. These things happend in the land of opportunities and the country which boasts of Innovation and openness

Case4: Off late Mumbai has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.The Thackareys playing the maratha card to beat up migrant biharis.The direction in which these things are moving looks dangerous and defamatory.The irony is that migrant politics is often being used in the wrong way to create divide among the people and create vote banks.

Iam not trying to write a program here with case references.Neither am i trying to direct a movie with different shots.Iam just narrating a few incidents with a common thread flowing through them.As long as the resources are limited in this world,there is always going to be fight for it in someway or the other.Sanctions,wars,restrictions are just different ways to do that.

This is just a beginning!!!


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